MUUL was conceived from a desire for quick access to repair items during road, cyclocross, cross country, enduro, and downhill bike races when time is critical and further refined as a way to minimize the need for backpacks, jersey pockets, or saddle bags. We love 'grab and go' rides when time is limited and we just need an hour or two of dirt therapy, but don't want the hassle or bulk of backpacks or excess gear. We know there are lots of innovative ways to carry repair items and tools, but many are proprietary, expensive, or simply awkward and slow.

With that in mind, we set out to create our initial product offering to accomplish three things:

  1. Universal design for most common bikes and tools.
  2. One handed retrieval and mounting.
  3. No need to remove gloves.

More products are currently in development so check back often!

We hope you love your MUUL, but we offer a money back guaranteed if you are dissatisfied for any reason.